Ash & Harry Expanded Candle Making Kit

Hi all! I’m super excited to share Ash and Harry’s expanded candle making kit with you! Firstly, let’s check out what’s included:

1 Wax Melting Pitcher (600ml)

1 Wax Stirring Spoon

1 Measuring Jug (600ml)

5 Soy Wax Packs

1 Thermometer

4 Glass Containers (2 clear, 2 frosted)

Finger Mitt Set

1 Trive Mat

6 Tin Containers (2 x 8oz, 2 x 4oz, 2 x 2.5oz)

Wax Dye (10 Packs)

10 Fragrance Oils

15 Cotton Wicks

5 Wooden Wicks

5 Wooden Wick Holders

20 Glue Dots

3 Cloth Gift Bags

4 Stickers for Glass Jars

10 Warning Labels

Wow!! There’s literally a ton in here and enough to make 10 custom candles! In my opinion this would be a great gift for pretty much any occasion – they are super fun to make with the family especially. Very easy to read instructions with a helpful step by step guide + the exact measurements you need to fill each vessel perfectly!

I’m insanely excited to make some candles! What’s even more convenient is this kit comes with absolutely everything you need, melting pitcher, thermometer etc.

I recommend this expanded edition for beginners as well as intermediate enthusiasts all the way up to the candle experts who want to share what they do with friends and family in an easy to use pre packaged kit!

Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks again to Ash and Harry for sending this beautiful product my way! I love it so much and cannot recommend it enough!

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